Today’s Message:

Today's Message:

Love is the medicine that accelerates healing. Love yourself, love your neighbor, love your enemies, but begin with self-love. You cannot love others until you love yourself. You cannot share what you do not have. If you do not love yourself, you cannot love anyone else either. Don Miguel Ruiz

Yesterday was a struggle as the morning sun began to rise, My heart ached with anxiety, and worry. Worry of my future and my choices. The anxiety began to have a plus so I did what was best; I ran to mountains. I hiked all day in silence with company by my side. My dogs couldn’t have been more happier. My soul was at peace as I hiked Battleship Rock in Jemez Springs, NM. My breath put my at ease knowing it would all be okay. As the sun began to set west I paced my steps slowly back to where I started inward. When I reached the trail head I walked passed the river side and looked twice to find this amazing shape. Originally it was upside down, but I turned it right side up to give its true name of love.
Love and Be loved there is nothing more greater.

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Check Out VIEWBUG!


Hi there! 

Whoever reads this short blog please check out my view-bug account. I suppose you could call me an amateur photographer but my relationship with my camera is my getaway to this known reality.  Please enjoy much love. 


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Climbing Pinup


A dedicated Climber Burgandy Brock is. She has the love and will power to challenge her self on extreme levels. Each year over the past 3 years her level of progress has improved rapidly. To have a desire and be driven to do what draws you in is amazing. Dedicated for the love of the sport. Wether it is climbing rocks, hiking, biking, any sort of physical activity the power of the mind gives us strength to believe in succeeding.

A Day By The River:

Las Conchas calls to us

Here for now we sit and

bask in the sunshine

The forest wind stirs

The wildlife around call to us.

Toes softly graze the water

admiring the view perched

on a log

gratitude of a life

A day by the river called to us


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I see

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Humboldt Peak

Humboldt Peak

The first weekend of October a group of friends met half way from Denver, CO and Los Alamos, NM to hike Humboldt Peak. The elevation was 14,070 ft in the wilderness of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain range in southern Colorado. Our group of 6 traveled round trip from Rainbow trail head ascending to the peak, and our descesnd from the summit down through South Colony route. Followed by a restful moment by the south colony lake. Overall, it was a beautiful inspiring weekend in the mountains of Colorado. I knew little about what to expect when hiking a fourteener. But I gave my self to that mountain, and it embraced me. I was prepared as we all were with water, food, warms cloths, and cameras. But next time I will travel a little lighter with a day pack. It was brutal at times with the cold wind, and the steep incline. Every so often I would stop, and look back towards the valley knowing progression was being made. During the last stretch I felt I wasn’t even close, but I reached to pull my self up, and I was standing on the summit. From there on out my mind was racing with thoughts of appreciation, and the love for life. After taking so many pictures it still does not capture its true essence of that moment of experiance. That feeling of accomplishment is embeded within my soul making myself as well as my fellow friends stronger.  This peak gave me the thought to start this blog also with the influence of Ms. Burgandy Brock. Love and light to all that came on this journey.


Photo Credit: Katelyn Lopez

 Tyler Jarvis, Mark Paternoster, Matt Byers, Dylan Harwell, Burgandy Brock, Katelyn Lopez. 


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Hasty Transition

Hasty Transition

Los Alamos first snow of the season. Normally we don’t receive snow till mid November, but I can already tell it will be a great a season.

Sudden snow
gentle, and fine
its the first of the season
lets dance, and unwind.

Pajarito Ski Hill
Los Alamos, NM

Photo By: Katelyn Lopez

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To hold and almost fear of letting go
Anticipating the next movement is worth a thrill.
To trust that fear
And feel apower rise
Awakens the warrior
Deep within.



Photo Credit: Katelyn Lopez

Overlook Park:  White Rock, NM

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