Climbing Pinup


A dedicated Climber Burgandy Brock is. She has the love and will power to challenge her self on extreme levels. Each year over the past 3 years her level of progress has improved rapidly. To have a desire and be driven to do what draws you in is amazing. Dedicated for the love of the sport. Wether it is climbing rocks, hiking, biking, any sort of physical activity the power of the mind gives us strength to believe in succeeding.

A Day By The River:

Las Conchas calls to us

Here for now we sit and

bask in the sunshine

The forest wind stirs

The wildlife around call to us.

Toes softly graze the water

admiring the view perched

on a log

gratitude of a life

A day by the river called to us



About pitchunity87544

I am. I am a small town free spirited girl that has the slightest idea of the path yet to be designed by my free will. I have an eye for what is around me. The beauty may be hidden, but if you look closely enough you can open your perspective to a wider view. I am creating this blog to share my eyes in hopes to inspire, and for the courageous mountaineers in the surrounding area of Los Alamos. This small town is located in northern New Mexico. This place has its history, and is generalized as a "scientist town", which I can agree on. When I was younger ( this goes for others as well) I didn't spend my time in nature like I do now. But as we grow we find more, and more realities that define us.
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